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INTERNATIONAL CARGO GEAR BUREAU, INC. (ICGB), is a not for profit membership corporation which provides recognized registration, inspection, certification, documentation, design evaluation, and consultation services throughout the world for materials handling appliances and devices that are afloat, shore-based, and offshore, including shipboard cargo handling gear, other cranes and derricks, cargo containers, road vehicles, and related equipment, always in accordance with the scope of the specific services agreed to by the ICGB Headquarters Office in each instance and always subject to the "General Terms and Conditions for ICGB Services".

ICGB first was established in 1954 to provide services for shipboard cargo handling gear and was reorganized to its current corporate status in 1966 to accommodate additional service activities for other afloat, shore-based, and offshore materials handling appliances and devices, as well as for cargo containers and road vehicles when international regulations for those additional materials handling units had come into force.

Fees and expenses are charged by ICGB for services rendered consistent with the associated operating costs incurred by ICGB to provide the services and as necessary to ensure the continuation of ICGB activities in a responsible manner; with reliable inspection services by competent persons; and with effective Headquarters coordination, processing, and recording of all ICGB certifications, documentations, and design evaluations.

ICGB services may be arranged with the ICGB Headquarters Office or directly with any of the ICGB Appointees or other qualified surveyors listed in the current "Directory of ICGB Appointees" for routine and/or repeat services.


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